Addicted To The Outcome: How To Keep Your Strength In Home Business Prospecting

Question: How many of us have sweated over whether a prospect will join our home business organization?

Answer: All of us.

Every single one of us in our network marketing careers have hoped, prayed, done a silent rain dance about whether an individual will join with us.

Silly. Goofy. Nothing we’d do in our “real life.”

At a certain point in our home business careers we live and die with the results of individual choices in prospecting.

And of course, since people say no (or fade away) more often than they say yes, we wind up dying more than living.

There are two reasons, and only two reasons why we are addicted to any one person agreeing to become part of our organization.

And fortunately, each of them has a simple solution.

First… we need the money. We’re broke. Or we need to fund our advertising budget, or purchase products for inventory. Or purchase products for our personal consumption. (We very often get an emotional attachment to the products or services our company offers… that’s not a bad thing, except when it puts us on shaky financial ground.)

And having that person can be that quick hit of cash that keeps our financial heads above water.

There’s a simple solution to that. NEVER put yourself in a situation where you MUST have that quick cash hit for your financial survival. Balance your financial life. Get a job, or a second job if need be. Do something entrepreneurial that may not get you rich, but is at least a steady income source. There’s absolutely no shame in that. The vast majority of network marketers work around jobs, or other businesses. Or they have a steady income source from a spouse. It’s just smart planning.

And that leads us to the second reason people become addicted to the outcome. They see others doing so well, building an organization so easily and quickly. Or at least seeming to do so. Their EGO gets engaged. They feel the need to have the same results as the success stories that get paraded on stage.

In my years of experience, this reason is much more common than the financial one. Nearly everyone I’ve met who has entered home business feels a burning desire to be stronger, to have more influence and to achieve a measure of freedom – financial and otherwise – that the home business industry gives a great chance of giving.

But achieving those things is a process. There’s learning involved. There’s a lot of UNlearning involved. There’s getting rid of old habits and replacing them with new ones. Same for you think and feel about many things, especially yourself.

That doesn’t happen overnight for anyone. It took me years to get to the place as an industry leader, and I still learn every day.

If you allow yourself to see every prospecting experience as something you learn from, you lose your worry about who says yes and who says no. You realize you’re constantly getting better, learning from every mistake… and every success.

So you give yourself the emotional freedom to “succeed from failure.”

And in the process of letting go of that anxiety, you become more secure, more appealing and more attractive to your prospects.

Two simple things: Protect your cash flow. Be concerned with the process, rather than the outcome.

And the outcomes will take care of themselves.